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UVA head coach shares thoughts on role of club lacrosse in player development

This open letter to parents from Dom Starsia, UVA Head Coach, first appeared on Lacrosse Magazine website –

Dom Starsia: A (Second) Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Let’s call this letter No. 2.

I wrote to you previously nine years ago, when I tried to describe the relationship between a parent and his son’s college lacrosse coach. I received enough encouraging feedback to attempt to address an issue that has grown exponentially in our sport during this period of time since — the role of the club program in your son’s development and his recruiting at the college level.

There seems quite a bit of anguish and misconception surrounding this topic in the lacrosse community. Let me begin by saying that one of my chief concerns over the growth of the club system is that it would certainly seem to favor those who have the means to participate. Those who can afford to join the most expensive club program and meet all of the affiliated costs of equipment, travel, tournament fees, etc., clearly have an advantage over those who cannot afford this same exposure. When you combine that with the availability of repeating a year and/or moving to a private school, those expenses and subsequent advantages become considerable and obvious.

While I believe the demographic for participation in our game has slowly begun to broaden and diversify, many of the club programs would seem a reach back to unfortunate stereotypes. Read More→