2015 Team Photo

2015 Dunwoody Lacrosse Team Photo


2015 Team Tryouts Begin

Dunwoody Lacrosse Boy's Tryouts Begin January 25, 2015

Dunwoody Lacrosse Boy’s Tryouts Begin January 25, 2015

Monday, January 26th through Wednesday, January 28th the Dunwoody Boys Lacrosse Team will have tryouts. On Monday the team will meet on the grass field between the track from 3:30 to 4:15pm and then transfer onto the lacrosse practice for the remainder of practice. On Tuesday and Wednesday we will start practice at 3:30pm on our lacrosse practice field. Any player interested must have a updated physical on file with the school as well as proof of insurance. These forms are located on our website at www.dunwoodylacrosse.com/resources

Lastly it is a requirement that all players be properly equipped to play lacrosse. The gear includes; helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, mouth piece, and cup. Goalies are required to have a throat guard.
Due to an increase of new players wanting to play lacrosse for the first time I ask that any player with any extra equipment to bring it.

Any player that may need equipment please email Coach Sopko.

Dunwoody Kick’s Off 2015 Season With Parent-Player Dinner

Dunwoody Kick-Off Dinner well attended by players and parents

Dunwoody Kick-Off Dinner well attended by players and parents

Over 80 players and parents joined Coach Michael Sopko and The Stix Club Board Members at a dinner sponsored by Gallo’s Pizza on January 20, 2015. This is an exciting time for Dunwoody Lacrosse. The team has a large number of incoming Freshman after losing 8 graduating seniors last season. We are excited to get practicing and into our first scrimmages!

Coach Michael Sopko addressing the players and parents at the 2015 Kick-Off Dinner

Coach Michael Sopko addressing the players and parents at the 2015 Kick-Off Dinner

Go Wildcats!


Dunwoody Boys’ 2014 Lacrosse Season In Review


Dunwoody Lacrosse

The Dunwoody High School Boys Lacrosse program is building a strong foundation on the values of family, community, and positive attitudes.  All members of the program will strive to establish this tradition through hard work, professionalism and loyalty.

The primary goal of the DHS Boys Lacrosse program is to develop student-athletes of character and integrity who posses Wildcat PRIDE:  Personal Responsibility in Developing Excellence.

  • We will place primary importance on our academic performance, and recognize the importance of lifelong learning.
  • We will practice leadership and display courage in the face of public, peer and social pressures.
  • We will hold ourselves and our teammates responsible and accountable for our thoughts, feelings and actions; we recognize as student-athletes we represent not only ourselves, but our teammates, family, our school, and our community.